Car Rentals in Italy

10 Reasons to Rent Your Car with Auto Europe

  1. AUTO EUROPE HAS 65+ YEARS of EXPERIENCE serving travelers to Europe
  2. UNBEATABLE CAR RENTAL RATES IN ITALY. Auto Europe offers specially negotiated rates that guarantee the lowest prices for our clients’ car rental needs.
  3. $0 DEDUCTIBLE OPTIONS on Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Insurances when renting in Italy
  4. BEST AVAILABILITY OF CAR RENTAL MODELS Over 4000 locations in airports, train stations, cities, towns and even hamlets. Drive a mini, compact, economy, mid-size, full-size, station wagon, van, or luxury car on your vacation
  5. LOW COST GPS RENTALS for all US residents
  6. ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICES (except gasoline and personal effects coverage). Our car rental prices include taxes, unlimited mileage, third-party liability insurance, mandatory theft and fire protection for the vehicle, mandatory collision damage waiver and, when applicable, airport fees
  7. CAR RENTAL PRICES GUARANTEED IN U.S. DOLLARS. Avoid the mystery of what your car rental will cost you. All rates, insurances, mandatory taxes and fees are disclosed in U.S. Dollars. If the Dollar slides further against the Euro or other currency, you are protected from an increase in the price guaranteed by a confirmed reservation with Auto Europe
  8. NO CANCELLATION OR CHANGE PENALTIES up to 48 hours before pickup
  9. TOLL FREE HELPLINE OPEN from Europe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including Holidays). You will never be stranded without a friendly and helpful Auto Europe professional to assist you even if you just need directions
  10. PERSONALIZED SERVICE PROVIDED BY HUMAN BEINGS before, during and after your European experience

To obtain our special car rental rates, you must book directly through our site. If you already know what class of car you would like to reserve, please contact us for specific details for your booking. Otherwise, please read on for valuable information about the different cars we offer.

Economy Car Rental in Italy
Italy’s narrow streets (especially in popular cities like Rome) make an economy car rental a very popular choice. Not only does this type of rental car in Italy allow you to stretch your dollar, it also makes parking and driving simpler, allowing you to focus on having a great time!

Sub-Compact Car Rental in Italy
Renting a Sub-Compact Car in Italy is a good compromise between the diminutive economy car rental and the standard compact. Easily navigate Italy’s narrow city streets in the slightly larger models available in the sub-compact car rental class.

Compact Car Rental in Italy
A compact car rental in Italy provides additional room and it’s generally the most affordable option for parties of four. While you’ll still enjoy great fuel economy and these small cars will allow you to easily navigate Italy’s city streets, a compact rental car provides a bit more space.

Mid-Size Car Rental in Italy
Rent a mid-size car in Italy and enjoy improved comfort for your family. With space for five, we recommend this class for parties of four. A mid-size car rental in Italy is an excellent choice if you’re planning short day trips into the Italian countryside.

Full-Size Car Rental in Italy
A full size car rental in Italy is an excellent choice if you’re planning to visit several cities or are planning a longer road trip on a budget.

Compact Station Wagon Rental in Italy
Renting a compact station wagon in Italy is a popular choice for families as it provides adequate space for the kids and additional storage space for luggage (or souvenirs!). Many families with younger children choose a compact station wagon rental for the flexibility this car class provides.

Mid-Size Station Wagon Rental in Italy
For those who value a lot of room but don’t want to rent a van in Italy, a mid-size station wagon rental is a popular choice. With plenty of storage and room for your family or friends, you can’t go wrong with this car class.

Luxury Car Rental in Italy
A luxury car rental in Italy offers the space you need and the level of comfort you deserve. We find that many people traveling to Italy choose this option as it allows them to indulge during their once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. Our preferred rental car provider, Auto Europe, guarantees the best price on luxury rental cars in Italy.

Small Van Rental in Italy
For parties of five where comfort and leg-room is a concern, Auto Europe’s option of small van rentals in Italy is a great choice. Enjoy plenty of room for luggage and people in this budget van rental option.

Large Van Rental in Italy
Larger parties need plenty of space and oftentimes renting a large van in Italy is a better value and simpler option than renting two smaller cars. With seating for up to 9 people and room for plenty of luggage, renting a van in Italy is becoming a popular choice for many travelers.

Some things to keep in mind when planning your car rental

  • Return the vehicle rental the same time of day that you pick it up or you will be charged for an extra day’s rental if you return your vehicle after your initial pick-up time
  • Almost all car rentals have covered hatchbacks; only full-size luxury car rentals have closed trunks. Station wagon rentals have covered luggage areas. Remember, a professional thief can break into any car, so they are all equally safe, and as long as you rent a big enough car for your group, your possessions will be out of sight in any of them
  • Convertibles and four-wheel-drive vehicles are available only in major cities and cost considerably more
  • On weekends, it may be extremely difficult to get a car except at airports; even major city offices are open only half the day on Saturday and not at all on Sunday
  • Collision damage waiver insurance is mandatory on all rentals, no matter what other kind of coverage you already hold
  • Our special car rental rates are subject to change without notice, but guaranteed at time of booking. They are available only on a fully prepaid basis. When you book your car the rental fee is charged to your credit card. If you cancel at any time up to 48 hours before pick-up you will receive a full refund
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