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We just returned from our "Trip of a Lifetime".  We wanted to make a testimonial about how wonderful the trip was and how we appreciate everything you did for us.

The trains were perfect.  Enjoying the scenery from Rome to Pisa while watching the beautiful coastal and farmland scenery go by was not a wasted day.  It was a day of relaxation and quiet pleasure in both directions.  We also did the high speed train with our friends from Florence to Venice.  It brought us right to the Grand Canal.  Walking down the steps of the train station and seeing the wonders of Venice in front of you was truly spectacular!!!

Once again, thank you for everything.  This trip to Italy came at a very important part of our lives and is something that we will always cherish.  It will be a blessing to be able to do this trip again soon.

Greg and Terry J.

We booked and purchased our train tickets for Italy through your site. It was so easy and quick! I had been struggling for months on how to manipulate the Italy train website, with no luck. Once again, you guys came through! Thanks! We are now fully booked for our 5 weeks abroad.

Andrea M.

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It is now possible to travel between Rome and Milan in 3.5 hours. Right after the new line was inaugurated, two journalists "raced" each other from the center of Rome to the center of Milan, one by plane and one on the new train. Door-to-door, the plane trip was quicker by one hour but cost 200 Euros more. Add to that the relative ease of getting to the train station and we'd say the train wins, hands down. Other high-speed (TAV) routes include Rome-Venice, Rome-Bari, Rome-Lamezia, Rome-Genoa, Milan-Naples, Milan-Bologna and Milan-Florence.

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In Italy Online is proud to offer you rail travel in association with Rail Europe, a North American company specializing in international trips throughout Europe. You may purchase many different types of rail travel including the Trenitalia pass, good for three days of unlimited travel on the national rail network of Italy, Sicily and Sardinia, with additional days available at a small cost. All passes include ferry services to Sicily. First-class passengers also get a free ride on the Leonardo Express, which runs from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Roma Termini. Trenitalia passes are available at specially discounted prices for travelers under the age of 26, or for parties of two or more. Click here for more details on what tickets to buy and when.

Usually, it is more cost-effective to purchase point-to-point tickets throughout Europe. Rail Europe makes it easy to plan and purchase train travel prior to your arrival, so that when you arrive you can simply sit back and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

f you are traveling to Italy plus Switzerland and/or Germany, the Cisalpino is the quick and comfortable way to go. You can cruise through the Alps on this high-speed train to destinations such as Zurich, Geneva, Stuttgart, Milan and Venice.

lso available are sleeper trains, high-speed trains, international routes, and airport connection trains in Rome, Milan, Pisa, Turin and Palermo. We especially recommend high-speed travel within Italy via the Eurostar Italia. These trains are called TAV and can take you between popular destinations such as Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and Naples in a matter of hours.

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