Rome Airport & Cruise Shuttles are the best way to save money and time between Fiumicino Airport or Civitavecchia Dock and Rome

Rome Airport & Cruise Shuttles

We are pleased to offer you transportation to and from the airport that costs less than a taxi but is easier and faster than the airport bus. One of Rome's oldest and most reliable limousine companies provides this door-to-door service between Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci) Airport or the Civitavecchia cruise docks and all downtown Rome hotels (we regret this service is not available FROM private residences, only TO private residences). The vehicles are primarily late-model vans in compliance with the quality and safety standards required by the regulations of the European community. They seat 8-to-12 passengers plus the driver. Larger groups can be accommodated on buses. The vans are equipped with air-conditioning and ample space in the back providing comfortable transport of luggage inside the vehicle, never on racks mounted on top of the vehicle. Although your driver may not speak English, he can communicate at all times with the office, where English-language staff members are on duty 24 hours a day. Once you pass through customs and the baggage reclaim area in Rome, you will find a multilingual host or hostess who will make sure you connect with the driver. In case you don't see your contact, our partners provide a 24-hour emergency telephone number as well as an airport booth. If you are taking a shuttle from downtown to the airports or docks, simply tell us your flight or cruise departure time and we will estimate the correct time for pick-up.

Please bear in mind that a shuttle is not a private transfer; its lower cost does reflect some inconveniences. Shuttle service is available only between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. If your flight does not arrive in that time frame, you will need to schedule a private transfer. If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you are unable to call the Rome emergency number to advise about your new arrival time, or if your new arrival time will be after 7p.m., your confirmed shuttle service will unfortunately not be available and no refund will be forthcoming. A shuttle driver may make 4-5 stops to pick up other passengers. Those staying in the historical center of Rome will always be picked up earliest and dropped off last. If you wish to avoid these inconveniences, please click here to schedule a private transfer to/from the airport - or here for a private transfer to/from the cruise dock. Whether you schedule a shuttle or a private transfer, please note that traffic issues in Rome may force the driver to take a route that looks circuitous to you, or it may even look like he's lost. Don't worry, he is not lost! He's just keeping up with the minute-by-minute changes of a busy metropolis that is also a national capital and major tourist destination. Because of these constantly changing conditions, he has orders not to chat with the passengers, so please just sit back, be confident, and enjoy the spectacular views of ancient Rome!

We regret we cannot confirm any request made less
than two business days before the shuttle date.

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Total All-Inclusive Price (One-Way)

1-2 people: 36 EURO/group
3-4 people: 48 EURO/group
5-6 people: 65 EURO/group
7-8 people: 80 EURO/group


Total All-Inclusive Price (One-Way)

1-2 people: 119 EURO/group
3 people: 138 EURO/group
4 people: 158 EURO/group
5 people: 177 EURO/group
6 people: 196 EURO/group
7 people: 216 EURO/group
8 people: 235 EURO/group

If you are reserving a shared shuttle from downtown to Civitavecchia,
the established pick-up time is 12:30 p.m. From the airports there may be a
substantial wait time between your plane's arrival and the pick-up time.
If you would like to be picked up later, please schedule a private transfer.
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Total All-Inclusive Price (One-Way)

1-2 people: 162 EURO/group
3-4 people: 191 EURO/group
5-6 people: 201 EURO/group
7-8 people: 227 EURO/group
For transfers after 7pm or before 7am, please add a 20% surcharge

* All above prices include one large suitcase and one carry-on bag per person, as well as one small animal that fits on your lap. If you have children under 6 years old and need a child's seat, please let us know. If you are traveling with anything that the airlines consider oversized baggage (such as golf clubs, skis, bicycles, etc.) or large animals, extra-large strollers or other children's equipment, or wheelchairs, you will need to reserve an entire van, so please click here to reserve that. If you do not reserve the entire van and your baggage exceeds the above limits, you will still be able to take the shuttle without paying extra, but you will have to wait to travel in a van that is only half-full, and we cannot guarantee how long you will have to wait for one.

** Holidays in 2016 are on:
January 1, January 6, March 27, March 28, April 25, May 1, June 2, August 15, November 1, December 8, December 25, December 26

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