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Dear Jessica,

We had a fantastic time thanks to all of the efforts of the staff at In Italy Online. Massimo gave us the Vatican tour with early entry to the Sistine Chapel. He was very knowledgeable and went into great detail. The early entry is the way to go as there were 500 people there when we passed through later on our way to St. Peter's. Eva, an archeology graduate, did a good job with the Colisseum and Forum tour.

In the end, we had another wonderful trip to Italy. Friends can't believe that everything could be done online without talking to a single person. Modern technology, isn't it great. Now if someone can just do something about that long plane ride. Thanks again for the help. I will recommend you to anyone planning a trip to Italy.

Bob B.


We just returned from our "Trip of a Lifetime". We wanted to make a testimonial about how wonderful the trip was and how we appreciate everything you did for us.

The tour of the Vatican was spectacular. Massimo was amazing with his knowledge and presentation. His description of the facts and details surrounding all things Vatican was priceless. It helps to be the first three people in the Sistine Chapel!!!! He was also great fun to be around. We would do the tour again on our return to Rome.

We feel the same about Ava and her knowledge and presentation on our Walking Tour of the Antiquities. It brought life to the wonder of the ancient structures. She has a tremendous grasp of both the history and the artistry of the ancient sites. She was also pleasant, polite, and fun to be around.

Once again, thank you for everything. This trip to Italy came at a very important part of our lives and is something that we will always cherish. It will be a blessing to be able to do this trip again soon.

Greg and Terry J.

Dear Jessica,

Our Half day tour of the Roman Forum/Coliseum and Catacombs was very interesting and informative. Our guide Eva introduced us to little known historic facts and views which made for lots of curiosity - and made us feel that the half day was not enough time to explore all the places selected by us.

Many thanks to you and Eva, for the tour.

best regards,
Siddhartha B.

Dear Jessica,

Thanks so much for your follow up and help. We had a wonderful time!! ...actually better than wonderful!!!

The tours in Rome (Vatican and Coliseum) and place we stayed (Hotel Villa Balbi in Sestri Levante) were incredible and the people were so helpful and friendly! We cannot say enough about the tour guides. Alvaro, our tour guide for the Coliseum was exceptional. He is an archaeologist by schooling, and gave our family such incredible insight into the different rulers, architectures and times when the "layers" were built around the coliseum....This was great! Rome was one of our favorite cities besides Sestri Levante, milano, and the Cinque Terre Region -- what hikes!

Anyway, thank you so much for your help. It was invaluable! We will go back soon - and now know where to spend our time - Rome, Cinque Terre, and definitely the Hotel Villa Balbi!

Thanks again for all of your help!!

Best Regards.
Inga B.

Dear Jessica,

Sorry it has taken me awhile to reply to your lovely email. Italia was incredible and our walking tour with Julio was one of the highlights! He certainly knew his history and we enjoyed his stories, etc. Our only complaint was that Julio did not tell us that the tickets to the Coliseum were also good for the Palatine Hill and were good for 24 hrs. We actually went back in the afternoon and the guy was kind enough to let us in without our tickets. We loved our plan of 1 week in Tuscany (including Florence and Pisa), the weekend in Ravello on the Amalfi coast, and 4 days in Rome. I would definitely have a private guide again and will recommend that anyone going to Rome do the same. I would even have a guide for other places. This website ( was recommended to me by a friend who has been to Italia 15 times and so I felt confident using it for my travel plans.

Thank you and ciao,
Paula C.

Hello Jessica.

We did have a wonderful trip! Both of our tour guides, Jessica and Gregory were wonderful. We were very pleased with the decision to do a guided tour as opposed to going through these places ourselves - we got so much out of it. Jessica really gave us the ability to visualize what ancient rome looked like, and what happened there. The history was fascinating. Gregory was a wealth of information on the vatican museums and St. Peter's church. For the vatican tour, there was so much to see, that we ended up really rushing through St. Peter's itself after the museums. It may be personal preference, but I'd rather have had more time at the basilica end of things and cut the museum part shorter (if that's possible!). Both tour guides were very personable and friendly, and got our two children very involved in the history - they were great. Thanks!

Best regards,
Judy M.

Dear Kristin,

Let me begin by saying the tour guides were very informative and friendly. The tours began promptly and I would recommend your service to family and friends. The drivers picked us up at our hotel on time but our only disappointment was when the first tour concluded we were not returned to our hotel but left to find our own way back. This was not the case for the second tour. We were picked up and dropped off at the hotel. I thought the drop-off service was included in both tours and if not, should have been for the price we paid. That problem aside, everything else was fantastic.

Best regards,
Joseph V.

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