Guests' Comments About Wine, Truffles & Castles in Piedmont

Guests' Comments About
Wine, Truffles & Castles in Piedmont

Dear Kristin,

I could write a separate letter about all of the wonderfulness of this program. From the hotel, to the visits, to the guides, to the truffle dog--we would not have missed a minute of any of it. We had a carnival in a lot across the street that we could see from our hotel window. Fun to watch at night while enjoying another sampling of wine and cheese and sausage from the Truffle Festival.

Clearly the truffle hunt and following tasting, with cheese and Barolo, was a highlight--though we had so many good experiences I can't call it the only highlight. Our truffle hunter, Ermanno, had an interpreter though clearly he spoke English, Bob and I and another couple not your clients made a nice group of six for the stroll through hazelnut orchards. Oh, and Marah, the dog, was a big hit. She found truffles!!! And we sampled, well, gorged, on truffles/goat cheese afterward.

The following day, we were a bit nervous about driving and sampling wine, but the stops were far enough apart, and Bob's samplings were restrained, so we did fine. We very much like the order of the visits as we started with a larger one, moved on to a smaller one, and then to the most intimate. Each one had an aspect that made it special. At the first, Max was the son of the son and wanting to keep the business going. Luca came back to the castle to run and improve the wine-making, not to live in a castle, and Francesco was someone special. They had a new tasting room and he put it to good use. Sampling several of his wines, we also enjoyed quite a spread of cheese, sausage, breadsticks, etc. We did purchase at least one bottle of wine at each winery we visited. We weren't sure of Customs regulations regarding bringing wine back to the US, so we were well fortified most nights before heading out to dinner. That's why we like hotels with restaurants within walking distance :-)

And then it was time to find Castle Trisobio. By this time it was getting dark and we were a bit fuzzy with the GPS. But find it we did, and the wonderful gentleman who showed us to our room--and cooked our dinner. Our "suite" had a terrific view of the village and was convenient to dinner. Neither our host nor waitress spoke much English and our Italian was even less, but we had no problem communicating.

So, the scheduled tours, the hotel suggestions, the car rental--everything was great. I have been using InItaly to help plan our trips to Italy since my first one in 1998, and plan to do so on the future. Thank you again, Kristin.

Linda S.

Dear Jessica,

Thanks for inquiring about our experience. We did indeed have a marvelous time. We really enjoyed the Wine, Truffles, and Castles tour. We think that your program allowed us to do and learn things that we normally wouldn't have known about or had access to. We especially liked all of our guides; they were friendly and knowledgeable and seemed to really want to make sure that we had a good experience. Of special note to us were the fact that the truffle hunter gave us a couple of truffles to enjoy on our own and the night that we spent alone in the castle in Trissobio! Unfortunately, our trip ended in Cinque Terre; we were staying in Vernazza the day of the disaster. We lost our luggage but fortunately were in another town when the landslide and flood occurred. However, we got home safely, which can't be said for the poor people who live there, and we continue to think of them and wish them all the best.

Greg and Deb M.

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