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Our Promise To You

While the rest of the world experiments with genetically modified organisms,

We still grow farro, a grain beloved several millennia ago by the Etruscans and used today as the base of a delicious, nourishing vegetarian soup you will learn to make

We still spend long hours pruning the sangiovese vines, imitated around the world but first created here on our hillsides, where they still produce wine that we age in small oak barrels

We still wait until November to handpick our olives only when they are ripe on the tree, before they fall to the ground, to make the very best extra-virgin olive oil for your bruschetta

We still raise the exceedingly rare Chianina cattle which spend their lives grazing on our own organically-grown pastures and whose meat is used for the famous bistecca alla fiorentina

While science dreams of creating a bionic man, we concentrate on you, who come from a faraway city and dream of tasting our homegrown produce, breathing our fresh air, and living in a house that was built before cement had been invented. We look forward to sharing our world with you.

Dear Kristin,

Our recent trip to Italy was perfect beyond belief.  Everything went perfectly.  The Palazzo Bandino was beautiful, personal, quiet, and yet had everything we needed.  Our cottage had lots of room and a storybook view of the vineyards.  The pizza cooking class we participated in with Lugiano was so much fun!  We couldn't wait to get home and share our newest culinary talents with our family! This trip was truly a perfect experience to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary.   Thank you for your help in planning it. 

Brian and Kelly D.

Hello Kristin -

I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you! We had a wonderful time at our cooking class at Palazzo Bandino! Chef Benocci was fantastic as well as the interpreter. It was so fun to cook with my mom (celebrating her birthday) as well as the two other American couples. It was well worth the price and the cookbook is great!

Thanks again for all of your help!

Be well,
Leslie G.


Sorry for the delay in replying to your message, but it's been crazy since we returned!

We had a lovely time at Palazzo Bandino. The staff were wonderful, and we really enjoyed our hands-on class. We made hand-rolled pasta, which I would have never attempted on my own. We drank several bottles of wine, and had a tour of the winery. It was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed meeting another couple from the U.S. (there were only four of us in the class, which was also nice). Afterwards, I was really thrilled to get a gnocchi recipe from the chef, as we'd been enjoying gnocchi all week!

Thank you for your service--our cooking class was one of the highlights of our trip!

Tammy G.

Dear Kirill,

Everything was wonderful at Palazzo Bandino.  Luciano was an exciting, interesting teacher!  We loved cooking our meal and we were surprised at how delicious our cooking was!  The wine and laughs kept flowing.  After the class, we drove over to Montalcino to taste some of the Brunello wines and it made for a perfect day.

Thanks for your help.
Angie S.

Our cooking, dining and touring at the Palazzo Bandino was fabulous! We were treated to an adventure of a lifetime. It was a perfect introduction and immersion into Tuscan food, culture, and hospitality. Chef Luciano Benocci was very patient, informative, and helped us prepare authentic dishes of Tuscany. The workroom for demonstration and shared food preparation was well organized, well presented and professionally done. Chef Benocci, with the assistance of a very friendly, informative interpreter, answered all our questions on the food preparation, Tuscan traditions and history. Our dining for lunch after cooking was truly the best and most important meal of our Tuscan visit. We prepared the bruschetta for our travel mates upon returning to our agritourismo and became the envy of the group.

Having experienced this food class early in our 2-week visit to Tuscany enhanced our understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of our Tuscany touring and dining throughout our stay. Tuscany is a magical place where food preparation and appreciation are a major part of the formula. This cooking class was wonderful in a setting as special as the food. We are recommneding these classes to friends on future visits to Tuscany. We hope this is the first of many visits to Tuscany. Meanwhile, we are reliving Tuscany by cooking many of the recipes given to us, in typed form, in our home near Kansas City. Bella Tuscany, and thank you Palazzo Bandino!

Lynn and Robert B

We really enjoyed our experience at Palazzo Bandino. Our visit to this location not only gave us an insight on Italian cuisine but also allowed us to visit a working winery. Your chef who taught us was excellent and very talented. Our English translator was very accommodating and we learned and had a great time. We enjoyed every aspect of our private lesson and it was worth it all!!! Our cousin from Torino joined us for lunch and she was wondering where I found such a nice and great place. Everyone in our group enjoyed the lunch and hospitality. We are looking forward to now doing a week-long class. I highly recommend anyone who likes to cook to do this!!! Your cooking school was a highlight on our trip.

Karen C., Sherree O., Dexter L., Sacramento, CA

Dear Kristin,

We would like to thank you and also the staff of Palazzo Bandino, who could not have been nicer or more helpful - and nothing was too much trouble. We both had a fabulous time, and would like to thank you for all the help you gave us in making this such a special trip.

Barbara K.

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