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Dear Kirill, Kristin & Jessica,

Dennis and I have had the most wonderful time in Italy. We had a great time at Pompeii. Suzy our guide was very knowledgeable and professional with a good sense of humor. A good combination of traits for a guide. Maria our guide for Amalfi was also wonderful. Very gracious. Eva our Rome guide of Baroque: Bernini vs Borromini was delightful! She was so knowledgeable about art, history and religion as well as being very fun. She took us to a lovely spot of coffee as well as the Pantheon towards the end of the tour along with several churches and fountains. It was a perfect tour. She was awesome. Please let her supervisor know.

Lynn C.


We had a fantastic trip and are very pleased by your firm's service.

Katerina and Antonio the driver for the 100 minute tour were great and both very informative. They covered the high points of Rome and provided us with a basic knowledge to go off on our own to tour.

Teresa provided us the tour for the Vatican and we were very thankful that she held a spot in line for us. It was Easter week and the line was quite long. She did point us to the best Gelato stand in Rome! She was very informative regarding the Vatican and the artwork in the museum. As we are expats ourselves ( London), we enjoyed her perspective as an American living in Rome.

Elisabetha gave us a walking tour of Florence and supplied all kinds of information about Florence, it's history and the architecture. She is a walking encyclopedia of Florence.

We have two daughters, aged 15 and 5. All of your guides took the extra time to pay attention to their needs. It made a huge difference. Thanks for the great service and we will sing your praises to our friends who decide to visit Italy.

Best Regards,
Don P.

Dear Kristin,

Our trip to Italy was amazing! The help we got from you and your website made a big difference in the way we were able to really feel a part of the history and culture of each site. I can't say enough about each one of our tour guides - they were all different, but all wonderful. We loved Braden on our Vatican tour. She involved all of us, especially our 13-year old son, Scott and really brought the art to life for us with her fascinating, yet down-to-earth explanations. The 4 hours flew by! Our friend Lisa arranged two tours with you for our families in Venice and again, both were memorable. We saw the "real" Venice with Marilena (sp?) and took a boat tour with Sabrina. They were both engaging, warm and so knowledgeable. Florence was no different where Lucia gave us a great history lesson while showing us the major sites. I loved that she was so personable and comfortable with us. The tour was totally customized for our interests. And let me not forget the transfer from the airport to our apartment. I believe our driver was the best driver I have ever seen, with his precision maneuvering and quick reactions through the traffic - it was thrilling, yet always safe for us! Thank you for helping to make our trip a wonderful experience. We will surely be calling on you again, hopefully next year!

The Lombardo and Toth Families
Maryland USA

Hi there Jessica,

Yes, Italy was fabulous, but more importantly, lived up to our expectations. All of our accommodations were just excellent ... and each different from the other, in a good way! Also of note, the private tours. The guides were truly wonderful and they really added a depth of understanding that we just couldn't have gotten from a guidebook ... plus, no waiting in long lines! We have already recommended to our friends and won't hesitate to continue recommending you in the future. You really made it easy and enjoyable. Thanks again.

Ted and Debra B.


The tours were all wonderful and we had an excellent eight days in Rome. Here are some highlights (no minuses to report!):

Walking Tour: Very relaxing and Michael was great to be with. We started in the Jewish Ghetto and crossed the bridge to Trastevere, seeing a few churches along the way. A more interesting part was when Michael knocked on a door at the main church and a nun answered and ushered us upstairs where the nuns observe mass. There were beautiful paintings and Michael had our 10 year old son playing detective, trying to figure out which of the apostles in the painting was St. Peter. Afterward, we bought rose petal marmalade made by the nuns.

Tivoli: Stefano was our favorite and his archaeology background added so much insight to the villa we toured at Tivoli. The gardens were absolutely breathtaking and a day away from the city was much appreciated halfway through our stay.

Kid Friendly: Katherine was also fantastic and her archaeology background added so much to the catacomb tour, especially since she had excavated some of the catacombs in Rome. She related to our son and kept his attention throughout.

We found that all of our tour guides had a great sense of humor and we enjoyed them immensely.

Thanks for all your help. Everything went extremely smooth.


Dear Jessica,

I just wanted to let you know that the tour that we booked for Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius was outstanding. Our guide Anna was absolutely wonderful. So friendly and so, so knowledgeable. There was not one question that she couldn't answer in depth. She was amazing. We had a fantastic time and I can not recommend you guys highly enough. I will recommend your company to anyone. Thank you for making our holiday extra special.

Warm regards,
Di and Ben

Hi Jessica,

My mother and I had a great time in Rome. The tours were very interesting and well worth the money. I’ve booked tours through you guys in the past and the guides have been great every time. The best value I get from them are the little bits of knowledge the guides give about specific works or bits of Italian history. It’s probably too much to list here!

Thanks again for all your help, and when I return to Italy most likely some time next year I will book the entire trip through In Italy.

Kelly H.

Hello Jessica,

We had a wonderful time with your guides. Both guides spoke very good English and both were very knowledgeable. Our Sistine Chapel guide (don't know how to spell her name) was one of the best teachers for my grandkids. She spoke directly to them - and they listened and learned. Paul, our Coliseum guide, was also very, very good.

Recovering from jet-lag!!!

Dean S.

Dear Jessica,

Our Italian vacation could not have been better. The functionality of your website allowed us to evaluate the possibilities in advance and then structure an effective itinerary (for three couples). We went from Venice to Florence (train) to Rome (train) then Palermo (air) over the course of 2 weeks. Our tours included Venice by Water, Florence the First Time Tour, Day Trip to Chianti, Ancient Rome Tour, Half Day tour of Vatican City, Day Trip to Pompei, then Day Trip Tour of Palermo/Monreal.... they were all fantastic!! All the tour guides were first class, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, courteous... and just a lot of fun to be with!!! All the vehicles and driver/escorts were first rate as well.

Additionally, we were very satisfied with hotel accommodations in each of the four cities with transfers very timely and efficient. A special thanks to Jessica and Kristin for all their guidance and suggestions. Many, many e-mails were exchanged to ensure we were appropriately addressing every detail. I expect their patience was tested at times, but if so, they never showed it... special kudos ladies.

Over the course of 30 years, my wife and I have had the pleasure of going on many trips with the dear friends joining us on this one. We all agree this was the very best of all. On a scale of 1 to 10 we give it a 10 (with a bullet)!!!!!!!!!!!

Mille grazie,
Don and Charlotte S.

Hi In Italy Team,

Thank you so much for all your help in planning our trip to Italy. It truly was a fantastic experience! I would definitely recommend your services and that of your tour guides to anyone who asks. Since our return all our family friends keep asking, "What was the favorite part of the trip? Which city did we like best?" This question brings the answer, "We can't possible nail it down, each place we went was fantastic, each city was unique and brought on a new "taste" of Italy, each apartment was great and the tours and guides were exactly what we had hoped." All guides were excellent they gave our family their undivided attention. Clearly enjoyed their job, were organized, easy to understand, knew their stuff inside and out as it relates to not only the tour we were on but the ‘tangential" information as well. They answered questions from local current trends to ancient history. While all tours went extremely well we especially liked the full day Catacombs, Coliseum and Forum tour with Eva and the Capri full day tour with Francesca. Eva had a great personality and really connected with all of us. Her humor was fun and light. As far as spending an entire day with someone you didn't know, it was great. We found each stop of the tour to be very interesting, however, the Catacombs were certainly very unique and we felt as if it was something that not everyone got a chance to do. The same goes for Francesca, great personality and really connected with us. She knew everyone on Capri, it was fun. She'd walk down the street and the storekeepers to boat skippers would yell, Hello to Francesca! It is clear to me without her as guide we would never have been able to get all the things we wanted to get done in Capri. She took care of all the logistics down to the details and minute, her insiders' knowledge made it all happen, she even called ahead and held back a blue grotto boat full of people so they would wait for us to get there. Sure enough the bus came down the hill dropped us off at the dock, we boarded a fully loaded boat that had been waiting for us then we embarked. She even arranged for us to pay after the trip. Then at the Grotto she organized our family to go first and in one boat. It was excellent!

Across all Tours and all cities: We really felt as if the private tours were the way to go from the start and booked them this way, without a doubt I am glad we did. I highly recommend this approach to others. We especially liked that the tour guides were not over powering - i.e. they let us eat lunch as family vs. joining us. We also liked that they listened to our requests on when it was time to move on, stay longer, or skip one area so that we could add another. This goes for all tour guides across all tours. Their knowledge was amazing.

Tony D.


Our tours were fantastic!.. Brenda, our tour guide for the Vatican was absolutely the most knowledgeable and passionate tour guide we ever met. We only had 3 hours with her, but we could have spent DAYS with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone going to Rome.

Magda was our tour guide for the walking tour of Ancient Rome and the Coliseum. She too was very knowledgeable and brought to life the ways of Ancient Rome.

I was very pleased with the guides your company provided and would recommend your company to anyone I know who is going to visit Italy.

Kathy B.

Good morning,

Just returned this week from our trip abroad. First of all, I NEVER book tours in Italy as I speak the language and usually am with my family. However, we decided to book the wine tour through Tuscany and the four hour tour in the Vatican. We thoroughly enjoyed both tours. Our guides were prompt, knowledgeable and accommodating. They were worth every cent. Thank you! My next trip will be to Sicily and I will most certainly book another tour through your company.

Judy D.

Dear Jessica,
Our 3-week trip to Italy was the trip of a lifetime for my whole family and we are most appreciative of all your efforts to make the trip as wonderful as it was. Almost everything was perfect. Our tour guides in Rome were wonderful. Eva did our tour of the Coliseum, Forum and Ancient Rome and she was terrific. Teresa from Buffalo, NY was our guide at the Vatican and she was also great, especially with my 10-year-old son. We expected him to be pretty bored but she totally brought the whole thing to life for him and we were all delighted.

Elizabetta was our guide for a walking tour of Florence and we were a very large group of 13 but she managed to keep everyone moving and interested and was very well-informed. She also had lots of fun stories and anecdotes that kept the kids engaged and led them to her favorite gelato store which was obviously a crowd pleaser on a day that was close to 100 degrees!

Elena spent two wonderful days with us in Venice, one day on a customized four-hour boat tour of the islands and another day on the Venetians Venice walk. A native of the Lido, she knows and loves the history and pulse of Venice and shares that passionately. I think she was our favorite of all our wonderful guides.

All of your services were wonderful and the people we met through your agency could not have been more professional. I have never hired guides before while travelling and it is something I will do from now on. It definitely enhanced our experiences and brought places to life in a way that would not have happened with simply a guide book. We do hope to get back to Italy and I will definitely use your company again and I have, in fact, already referred you to a friend who is planning a trip to Italy in October.

Thank you for everything.

Karen W.


It's not often you get more than you expected and can't conjure up a single negative!! Our experience with your company was that rare event. From the initial contact with you and your prompt responses to the actual tours, it was an exceptional trip thanks to Initaly. The guides were friendly, spoke excellent English and knowledgeable. Each of them exhibited a passion for the subject matter and communicated it with a sincerity that brought things to life. So many tours are dry, fact filled and basically boring. Our compliments and THANKS to you and your company.

Richard B.

Hi Jessica,

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you regarding our tours in Italy, specifically for Vesuvius/Pompeii and in Venice - all of which occurred in April. We were absolutely THRILLED with Elisa and the wonderful tour she provided us for our day at Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii. She could not have been more terrific in every respect. It was as though we were with a professional archaeologist, plus she was so sweet and charming. Our hike up Vesuvius was challenging, but the group all managed to complete it - and were very proud of the feat. Elisa was patient and caring and she was so totally knowledgeable. Our time in Pompeii was fantastic and she made the ancient ruins come alive. We were all overwhelmed by her training and expertise. It was truly a day to remember. She picked us up on time and got us back to the ship as promised and there was nothing we could say but rave about it to all the other passengers. Thank you for hooking us up with Elisa and Luigi, her driver.

In Venice, we were equally delighted with Elena and her taxi driver, Gianni. We booked the Venice by Water tour and Elena gave us several options, one of which was to leisurely traverse the Grand Canal on our way to San Giorgio Maggiore and Murano. This is the option we took, as we all wanted to see the entire Grand Canal and Murano. It was a perfect combination of things to do and a wonderful 3 hour tour. Elena pointed out all the amazing palazzos on the canal and we were in absolute awe. Again, she was a walking encyclopedia, just as was Elisa, and there didn't seem to be anything she didn't know. She was fantastic. She took us up to the top of the bell tower in San Giorgio Maggiore with its beautiful views of Venice and showed us all the famous landmarks from there and after that we went to Murano for a private glass-blowing exhibition at one of the glass factories. We were so enchanted and enthralled with Elena's knowledge and charm that we asked if we could do one of her walking tours a couple of days later. Fortunately, she had time in her schedule for us and 4 of us met her 2 days later for the walking tour of The Venetian's Venice. It was fantastic and we loved every minute of being with her and learning about her beloved city. She walked at a pace we could handle and took us to one of the best gelaterias in Venice. We were thoroughly exhausted at the end of the 3 hours, but we felt like we had seen Venice as it was supposed to be seen - up close and personal. She was able to tell us so much about all of the paintings that we saw in each cathedral and about the architecture of the buildings - we were crammed full of information but loved every minute of it. I cannot recommend these two ladies highly enough. Our group was thrilled beyond our wildest expectations, but I must admit, that I had no doubts. Having been on tours with Michael and Dennis in Rome, I knew what to expect. And you didn't disappoint at all!!

Thanks again for masterminding our tours. We were absolutely overwhelmed with all tours and guides - and I have recommended your services for several years (since our first time using you in Rome) and continue to do so. I have now made avid fans of 8 other people who were just blown away by both Elisa and Elena. Thanks to Elisa and Elena and to you for finding them. We didn't have any negative experiences to warn anyone about but it might be good to warn people about the very steep climb up Vesuvius. I did notice that it was posted as strenuous, but since we had several in our group who were over 70, I think I would note that it is VERY strenuous. Had they known this, they might not have gone - it was hard on them. BUT, the important thing is that Elisa was very careful about the pace and they did succeed.

Bev S.

Dear Jessica,

The tours that you arranged for us worked out GREAT! We enjoyed each of our tour guides. Peter was our guide in Rome and Siena. In Florence Valentina was our guide. Elisabetta was ill so Valentina took her place and we truly enjoyed our time with her as well! Our children were kept engaged in the tours as well as my husband and I. I would highly recommend both Peter and Valentina to our friends and family. As a matter of fact, I have already referred some friends to you for their upcoming trip to Italy in April.

Thank you again for making our trip and tours so easy!

Best Regards,
Nancy W.

Dear Kirill,

No matter if you've been to Italy several times before or if this is your first visit, I highly suggest using the tour services offered on Our party did the Coliseum and Roman Forum tour with Katherine... she was very professional and knowledgable. With her guidance, the old stones and structures came alive and everyone in the group (ages 10 through 65) enjoyed learning some history... her stories through San Clemente cathedral were especially appealing. Likewise, the 3-hour boat tour with Helena in Venice was a highlight for everyone. Please do not make the mistake of spending time in Venice and not seeing Murano and Burano. Hiring Helena to take you to these places is well worth your money. Elisabetta provided superb guidance for us in the Florentine museums during our 3-hour tour of the Accademia and Uffizi Gallery. Everyone enjoyed her animated gestures and obvious love of art - her enthusiasm was contagious. The same could be said for guide during our 3-hour walking tour of Naples (regretfully his name escapes me...). Without his passion and love of Naples, we would have missed a large part of what Naples is and was...It was especially useful to book all of the above tours if you are traveling with older or younger family members... the guides will help your party avoid the long lines and other inconveniences of traveling to these fantastic cities.

Michelle C.


We just returned from this trip on Friday. The In Italy portions of the trip went very well (in fact, the entire trip went well). We were more than pleased with the guides (Sarah in Rome and Valentina in Florence especially stood out). Their knowledge, warm personalities, and ability to adapt were fabulous. We will highly recommend In Italy to anyone!!

Thank you for all your help over the last year.

Christie M.

Hi Jessica,

The Full day Rome tour and the Uffizi and Accademia Tour were outstanding. The guides were excellent and very well informed. Both tours made our vacation to Italy especially rewarding.

Jim S.

Dear Jessica,

All three of our tours, Uffizi/Academia in Florence, Coloseum/Forum, and the Vatican in Rome, through In Italy were excellent. Our three guides were both knowledgeable and charming. One of the reasons we opted for private tours was that we were traveling with our Mother in law who is elderly and we did not want her to feel pressured to keep up with a larger tour. Our guides were able to adapt to this and kept the pace slow. They knew where the elevators were (and in one case, where to find the guy with the key to the elevator) so our mother didn't have to navigate the stairs. Even though I'm sure we didn't see as much because of the slower pace, we felt we got more than our money's worth. The guides provided us with more interesting, detailed facts about everything we saw. Another reason for the private tour was that we knew our mother could not wait in lines for long periods of time. For all three of our tours, we were able to walk right in. The day we toured the Uffizi, the wait to get in was 5 hours long. We would never have been able to see it if it hadn't been for the tour.

The manager of the guides (Monika?) was also wonderful. She provided us with a driver/guide on one of our days in Rome when it rained and also provided us transportation to and from St. Peter's square for the Pope Announcement on Wednesday morning. This turned out to be a lifesaver. The crowds were so thick when the announcement let out that our driver could not drive in to meet us at the agreed upon spot. Monika walked in and found us and then escorted us to where our driver was waiting. The service was really above and beyond and made our stay in Italy so much more memorable.

All of the services provided to us by InItaly were great from the accommodations to the tours to the traveling advice you provided. We will recommend you to all of friends.

Thanks again,
Barbara A.

Dear Jessica,

We were so pleased with our tours of the Vatican and Pompeii! Everyone in our group were so impressed with the tour guides. The comment everyone made was, you could tell they both really enjoyed what they did, because it came out in their delivery. The guide (her name escapes me now) we had for the Vatican was so nice. When we asked if she ever gets tired of doing the tour, she said, every time she walked through those gates it gives her chills, we knew she loved what she did. And it showed.

And the guide we had for Pompeii was so knowledgeable about the area, Pompeii, and Mt. Vesuvius, we were very impressed.

The guide we had in Florence for the Uffizi and Accadamia was just as knowledgeable and seemed to love what she was talking about as well. We learned so much from all our tours. I guess you could say we were very satisfied.

Thank you so much, your guides made our trip to Italy very memorable.

Sharon P.


The tours were excellent. Guides were personable and well-versed. Provided the right amount of information. And getting into places without waiting on long lines was a real bonus! I have given your company's name to a number of people planning trips to Italy. Thanks.

Arthur S.

Hi Jessica,

We had a wonderful time in Italy and thoroughly enjoyed the 2 guides you provided us with. You provide a prompt, thoroughly professional service that is worth the small amount of extra money that you charge versus other tours I researched. I believe that "you get what you pay for" and that axiom certainly applied here. If Lilly and Luciana are examples of the guides that you provide your clients, then you are providing an excellent service for your clientele.

Grazie and ciao!
Ken M.

Dear Kristin,

We had such a great experience with Stefano. We were very impressed with his knowledge of Ostia Antica as well as the general information he provided about Rome and Italy. Ostia Antica was more than we had imagined. What a wonderful site. Hard to imagine why it isn't better known. Our only regret is we didn't have time to schedule another tour to Trivoli...we will next time.

We recommended your company to our Travel Company here in Beaverton, Oregon. Really appreciate your follow through. Your company is on our list of recommended contacts.

Linda & Joe R.

Dear Jessica and all at In Italy,

I just have to take the time to write you a quick note letting you know just how much my daughter and I enjoyed our trips to Ostia Antica and Pompeii. My daughter, having minored in Ancient Civilization in college several years ago, was hoping that the information she would get would be specific to her level of knowledge. When we met Stefano (who guided us for both excursions) we knew right away that we were in for a wonderful experience.

Who could say that Pompeii or Ostia Antica could be disappointing? But it is the guide that takes you to these places that really enhances the experience. Stefano was knowledgeable, of course with a Masters Degree in Archaeology, but better yet, he was able to convey his love and respect for the history of each area so poetically. His friendly demeanor and great sense of humor endeared him to us right away.

What more can I say......we will certainly take more tours with In Italy the next time we return to Italy. As we gain understanding of the culture and the people, thanks in part to all of you, we can hardly wait to return.

Thank you again for all your assistance,
Mary J N.
Sarah N.

Dear Kristin,

We just returned from a week in Rome and used In Italy for most of our trip. We had two children (11 and 14) which required some thought to make the trip successful. We were thoroughly satisfied with all of the services that you provided.

Our tour guide Stefano C. is a relatively young archaeologist who clearly loves his field. His relaxed manner was great for the kids and he was always making sure that everything was taken care of (train tickets, lunch, etc.) and that we were happy. We couldn't imagine a better guide for tromping around the acres and acres of Pompeii.

Thanks for the great service. We will recommend In Italy to others.

Keith and Laurie T.

Dear Jessica,

We could not be more happy with the tours we took in Rome and Florence! We speak of them as the highlights of our vacation in Italy. Both guides were wonderful. They gave us an excellent perspective on the Vatican, St. Peter's, and the city of Florence. We will recommend your tour service to anyone traveling to Italy.

Thanks again,
Brian T.

Hi Jessica.

We had a wonderful time in Italy. Our "In Italy" private tours were a highlight. I think you are "guilty" of underselling! Our "Rome in 100 Minutes" tour was a wonderful beginning to our time in Rome. We were pleasantly surprised when our guide (Brenda) arrived with driver in an E Class Mercedes. In 100 minutes we covered a tremendous number of sights and were provided with invaluable information and insights.

Our private tour of the Vatican museums and St. Paul's was a highlight of our trip. Our guide (Becky) was wonderful, possessing a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She successfully reduced the vastness of the museums to manageable proportions and made it a lot of fun.

Our private tour of the Uffizi in Florence was also excellent. Laura did a wonderful job.

Thank you. I would not hesitate to recommend In Italy Online.

Brian C.

Dear Kristin,

I loved your tours and have recommended them to my travel agent and friends. The car was there right on time and the tour guides where the best I have ever had. My mother is 74 years old and can't walk very well, so the tour guides adjusted the tour so my mom could see what she wanted and I could see even more! The driver was always there to pick up my mom and move her around. It was perfect!

Karen C.


We're still traveling quite a bit this month, so this will be brief, but we wanted to let you know that we were thrilled with each tour and tour guide that we had while we were in Italy. The private tours were definitely worth the money. Being able to have the one-on-one interaction gave us the opportunity to ask more questions, learn more and see alot more because we could move along much quicker. Each one of our guides was very knowledgeable and gracious. Italy is certainly a country that we would like to revisit and we wouldn't do it any other way! So many of our pleasant experiences had to do with the tours. Thank you for providing the professionals who turned a vacation into a memorable experience. Please keep us updated on changes, new tours and other countries. Again our many thanks!

Tom & Nancy S.

Dear Jessica,

We had a wonderful time on our trip to Italy. Dennis, Frederico and Elena were excellent guides! Their knowledge of history and art, their deep love for their cities and neighbors and their suggestions for restaurants and sites to see on our own, made our tours with them the highlight of our trip. You operate a very professional, high quality tour service and we will enthusiastically recommend Tours in Italy to our friends. Please forward our best regards to Dennis, Federico and Elena and thank them for making our visit to Italy a treasured memory forever.

Debbie and Gordon S.

Dear Jessica,

We got home a couple of days ago and I wanted to let you know how all of our tours went. We really could not have been happier.

Rome: Michael was fabulous. He is so knowledgeable and had a real talent for sharing his knowledge. We all thought he was fantastic and Rome was one of our favorite places because of him. The Vatican tour was fine. Nothing exceptional, but OK. It's such a huge place and so overwhelming - we saw as much as the kids could take in.
Thank you is not enough for what your company added to our trip. Our experiences were simply wonderful. Oh, and the museum reservations were a godsend. The lines were huge and we could just walk right in. I would also recommend to people to use the audio guides in the museums. All of those that we used were very good. Also, I want you to know that all of the guides offered their help to us if we had any questions or problems during our trip. They recommended restaurants which turned out to be some of the best we ate in during our trip. They were places the locals would frequent and not the tourists. The guides were all kind and generous with their time. We just had a great time with all of them and we learned a lot as well.

Jessica, thanks again for all of your help. It was all terrific.

Very thankfully,
Janet P.

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