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Should You Rent a Car in Venice?

With a Car Rental in Venice you'll be free to explore many fabulous destinations within driving distance. While driving isn't permitted within the city center, arranging a rental vehicle during your stay in Venice is a popular way to break up your trip. With its beautiful canals, great food, art and history, Venice captivates the hearts of travelers from around the world, but what many travelers don't consider is the rought cobblestone streets ... it's smart to break up your walking tour of Venice with a day of rest in the car, touring the surrounding Italian countryside.

Car Rental VeniceWhile there are many transporation options in Italy, those who choose to rent a car in Venice will enjoy a freedom and flexibility that others might not. You're going to Italy ... don't limit yourself to a view from a dirty busy or taxi window ... rent a private car and set your own pace, chart your own route and explore Venice and the surrounding area at your leisure.

Auto Europe, the company we have recommended for years, offers travelers the chance to compare Venice car rental rates between a selection of hand-picked local companies which have been pre-screened for quality and customer service.

Selecting The Best Rental Car in Venice for Your Itinerary

Economy Car Rental in VeniceEconomy Car Rentals in Venice
The historic streets and roads surrounding Venice are wonderful to drive, and with an agile economy car rental in Venice you'll be able to navigate downtown city streets and country by-ways with ease. Economy-class vehicles are a popular choice for shorter trips as they're easy to park and provide fantastic fuel economy.

Compact Car Rental in VeniceCompact Car Rentals in Venice
If you value fuel economy, but also want a car that's comfortable and provides a bit of extra room for luggage (and your legs!), choosing a compact car rental in Venice might be just what you need. Compact cars offer more legroom and storage space than economy vehicles while remaining small, efficient and easy to drive and park.

Family-Sized Car Rental in VeniceFamily Sized Car Rentals in Venice
The perfect rental car for families or parties of 4 adults, a mid-size or family-sized vehicle will offer adequate legroom and storage space for most parties. This is a popular choice for travelers who intend to spend a day or more touring Italy by car.

Luxury Car Rental in VeniceLuxury Car Rental in Venice
In case your forgot ... a trip to Italy is special! It's natural that you'd want to consider renting a posh vehicle which can enhance your trip in ways less expensive vehicles might not. Consider treating yourself to a luxury or prestige vehicle designed with comfort in mind. Enjoy the amenities and creature-comforts you deserve on your upcoming trip to Venice - Auto Europe offers a great selection of luxury rental cars in Italy.

Van Rental in VeniceVan Rentals in Venice
If you're traveling in Italy with a larger group, it's wise to book early and arrange a Venice van rental. A word to the wise, though ... these vehicles are hard to come by during the Summer and most suppliers in Italy sell out each year. If you're interested in renting a small, mid-size or large van in Venice Auto Europe will have the best selection online.

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Additional Important Considerations When Renting a Car in Venice, Italy

Venice Car Rental
A few of our expert tips: if you're traveling to Italy for the first time it's important to keep in mind that renting a car in Venice or other destinations in Italy will be a different experience than what you're used to back home. This is especially true during the Summer, when the city of Venice is inundated with tourists each year. You should expect the lines at the airport or train station to be busy, so don't be afraid to speak up for yourself and make sure your rental car pick-up isn't delayed.

Also - we like to remind travelers that when comparison-shopping online for your Venice rental car, you should remember that not every rate you see includes CDW and Theft Protection - coverages which are mandatory and required by law for every Venice rental car. We like to point out that Auto Europe includes these mandatory charges in their displayed rates throughout Italy - which is one reason we recommend them. When searching for your Venice car rental, our advice is to take it slow and secure your reservation with a reputable company or broker which has a track-record of excellent customer service and is known to rent only reliable vehicles (a flat tire or poor experience at the pick-up counter can quickly ruin your day and sour your entire vacation). Also, do your homework and be certain that you're aware of whether or not the rate you're being quoted online includes all extra charges, or if you'll be obligated to pay some local fees and taxes at the counter when you pick up your car. It might be normal to pay some fees and taxes at the pick-up counter instead of when you book online, but the company you book your car with should do a good job of disclosing these fees during the booking process and in the printed voucher you receive to bring to Italy.

Find Your Car Rental in VeniceOur expert advice for traveling in Italy is to plan ahead, keep a sense of humor, and work with a reputable company like Auto Europe who will be available to troubleshoot any issues before, during, and after your trip. This will ensure that you enjoy a terrific Venice rental car experience from pick-up to drop-off which will, in turn, free you up to enjoy the experience of driving in Italy.