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Should You Rent a Car in Milan?

With a Car Rental in Milan you can enjoy great shopping, food, culture and scenery at a schedule which suits your unique travel style. The beautiful city of Milan is one of the most popular destinations in Italy, and if you're planning a trip and considering your transportation options, you're wise to consider renting a car in Milan. While traveling by rail is popular over long distances, when you rent a car you're free to set your own course, schedule and to linger at your favorite new shops, cafes or points of interest. This is why driving in italy is one of our favorite ways to travel.

Car Rental MilanFrom the beautiful Milan Cathedral to Sforza Castle, Porta Ticinese and the Piazza del Duomo, there's plenty to see and do in Milan, but those who want to make the most of their trip to Italy will surely enjoy taking a day trip or two from the city center into the surrounding countryside. Whether your idea of a perfect drive is exploring coastal or inland Italy, when you rent a car in Milan you'll have the flexibility to go where you please.

Auto Europe, the company we have recommended for years, offers travelers the chance to compare Milan car rental rates between a vast selection of hand-picked local companies which have been pre-screened for quality and customer service.

Choosing The Best Rental Car in Milan for Your Itinerary

Economy Car Rental in MilanEconomy Car Rentals in Milan
Navigating the streets and roadways of Italy is a breeze when you arrange a sporty economy car rental in Milan. Navigate historic streets and by-ways and park easily in any downtown location.

Compact Car Rental in MilanCompact Car Rentals in Milan
Travelers who prize fuel efficiency, but also want a car with a little extra leg-room should consider renting a compact car in Milan. The compact class provides passengers with additional legroom and storage space while retaining that "budget-friendly" status so many travelers favor.

Family-Sized Car Rental in MilanFamily Sized Car Rentals in Milan
If you're searching for the perfect rental car for families or parties of 4 adults, a mid-size or family-sized Milan rental car is probably the best choice. While slightly more expensive, you'll appreciate the extra trunk-space and creature-comforts a full-sized rental car provides.

Luxury Car Rental in MilanLuxury Car Rental in Milan
If you're going to go to Italy then why not treat yourself? Arrange a luxury rental vehicle in Milan or indulge and book the prestige Italian sports car you've always dreamed of driving.

Van Rental in MilanVan Rentals in Milan
Don't skimpon space if you're traveling with a large family or group of close friends. Rent a van in Milan, Italy and you'll enjoy extra space and comfortable touring. Just be sure to book your van early as these popular vehicles are in high demand and sell out quickly.

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Other Important Considerations When Renting a Car in Milan, Italy

Milan Car RentalOne piece of advice we can't give enough is to understand that renting a car in Milan or anywhere in Italy is a bit different from how it may be where you live. Things tend to move slower at the pick-up counter and during the busy season you should be prepared to encounter a bit of a hectic pace when picking-up or dropping-off your car. This won't always be the case, but if you go into the experience with a sense of humor, ready to enjoy the "Italian experience" of renting a vehicle, then you're more likely to hit the road in good spirits. This isn't to discourage you, often renting a car in Italy is a fantastic value and in our view it's one of the best ways to see the countryside and experience Italy ... just remember to relax!

Also - it's a good idea to remember that when comparison-shopping online for your Milan rental car, be sure to keep in mind that not every rate you see includes CDW and Theft Protection - coverages which are required by law for every car rented in Milan. Auto Europe includes these mandatory charges in their displayed rates throughout Italy - one of the many reasons why we whole-heartedly recommend booking with Auto Europe when you rent a vehicle in Milan. Our best advice is that when you compare companies or rates, be sure to take your time and choose a company or broker with an excellent reputation ... one which has a track-record of excellent customer service and is known to rent only well-maintained vehicles (a flat tire or poor experience at the pick-up counter can quickly ruin your day). It's also wise to do your homework and to be aware whether the rate you're quoted online includes all extra charges, or if you'll be obligated to pay some local fees and taxes at the counter when you pick up your car. It's not uncommon for some local taxes and fees to be required at the pick-up desk, but knowing what these fees are and how much you should expect to pay ahead of time can allow travelers to budget accordingly and understand the true rate they'll be expected to pay upon arrival in Milan.

Find Your Car Rental in MilanRemember that you're in Italy! It's wonderful! Plan ahead, keep a sense of humor and remember that every moment of your trip (good, bad, or somewhere in between) will be a memory ... make the most of it! Work with a reputable company like Auto Europe who will be available to troubleshoot any issues before, during, and after your trip. This will ensure that you enjoy a terrific Milan car rental experience. The freedom that having your own vehicle provides is a great way to enhance your upcoming trip to Italy.